Welcome to My Blog!

Going to college is a whirlwind experience of its own. Throw in the lack of adult supervision and you’ve got yourself a class-A adventure. No parents sounds like a nonstop party, but you’d be surprised to find how much they really did to simplify your life. Where’s my bag lunch? How do I clean a bathroom? And what the heck is a broil pan? Enter Taylor Phillips, aka me, with the ever-so-helpful guide for all those who have just begun to embark on the exciting, yet terrifying journey of living on your own, for the first time.

I am a second-year student at Cal Poly SLO, living in a snazzy one bedroom apartment with my best friend and no parental guidance. Granted, mom is only a phone call away but I don’t think I’d be alone in admitting the constant struggles in figuring out this “new normal.” There are so many blogs out there about children leaving the comforts of their parents home, like this one or this one, but none from the perspective of the young new adult, braving the world solo style. I mean, parents know what it’s like to live without kids, but we have no idea what it’s like to live without parents.

My blog will have content similar to this blog about dorm life and all of its glory, or this blog about college life outside of the education part, but will hopefully one day be formatted more similarly to this blog with the tabs and archives, etc. My main goal of this blog is to unite all of us brave little birds who are scared and lost, but oh so ready to “Spread Your Wings.” Stay tuned for tips, advice, and hilarious stories about the adventures of living on your own.

Microwave disaster

First tip: know what you can and cannot put in the microwave


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