How Do I Stay Organized?

One of the first basic steps to moving in is unpacking. For some people this is a fun occasion where one can begin to envision a life in his or her new home. But for the organizationally challenged and the sentimental hoarder this is a true nightmare. If you find yourself wondering how you fit all that junk in your old room or why you thought it was necessary to bring 300 pajama shirts to school, you’re not alone.

Cal Poly sophomore, Riley Duncan moved in 3 weeks ago and has yet to finish unpacking. Currently her clothes are piled all around her room and her dresser lay unassembled in her living room. This is a system she refers to as “organized chaos,” but most house guests probably struggle to see the “organized” part. Duncan says the havoc is out of her hands.organized chaos

“It’s not my fault,” She said. “Ever since I’ve been back at school I haven’t had a minute to myself.”

Between getting classes, buying books, learning to cook, helping her sorority with recruitment, and, reacquainting with friends she hasn’t seen in months, Duncan has been busier than ever. She claims her main issue has been not being able to prioritize unpacking. However her roommate, Katharine Epstein begs to differ.

“I have all the same obligations as Riley and I’ve been able to get my stuff unpacked,” she said.

Epstein thinks with the proper organizational skills, even the busiest of people can find time to unpack. She said moving in a few days early is really helpful.

“That way, for those few days, you have nothing to do but unpack,” she said. “You really get the job done efficiently.”

Here is a useful website that can help you organize your time, get homework done, prioritize, set reminders, and even prevent procrastination.

Whether it is lack or time or lack of organizational skills, Leah Monteleone, organization expert is here with the best unpacking tips. She says the way you unpack your stuff can foreshadow how clean and organized your apartment will be all year.

Monteleone is a borderline OCD yet extremely successful college student balancing school work, sorority life, multiple clubs, and still manages to unpack her things in a way that will ensure her apartment stay organized. She offers her advice to anyone and everyone in need of assistance.

Her first tip, she says, is making sure everything has it’s place.

“Keep all your clothes, school supplies, electronics, and nicknacks, etc, in their designated areas,” Monteleone says.

Before moving in any boxes, layout in your head where everything should go, she says. Moving in will be quick and painless, because you already know where to put it all.

One of the biggest barriers to a successful unpacking is hoarding those useless things we just can’t seem to throw away. That pottery penguin you made when you were five is so cute and holds so much sentimental value, but does it really have a place in your college apartment?

“If you really cannot find a place for it, ask yourself if it’s really something you even need anymore,” Monteleone says.

She says it’s ok to have a few of those items that really mean something special. But don’t be setting aside storage space or those mementos turn into junk and become obstacles in the challenge that is staying organized.

organized closet!

Often, after a long day, we want nothing more than to crawl straight into bed. So dishes are left in the sink and clothes are left on the floor. Yet, what seems like a harmless night of sheer exhaustion can actually be the start of the end. Those dishes and clothes have a mysterious way of piling up.

In order to keep up the cleanliness, Monteleone’s number one tip is to stay on top of it.

“It’s so easy to let your life, your homework, or even just your lack of sleep become a higher priority than staying organized,” she says. “You’ve got to keep organization a top concern because the more out of control it gets the harder it is to put back together.”


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