Escaping the Dorms

Making the move from the dorms to off-campus apartments is an experience everyone must endure, and therefore a hot topic among college students. There are ups and downs to each living scenario and the Mustang Daily recently did a story touching on the pros and cons of the dorms vs. living in an apartment.

A quote from the article says, “the ability to choose one’s own roommates is one of the best parts of moving off campus, mechanical engineering senior Jessica Kataoka said.”

On the one hand, the dorms provides you with a meal plan so you don’t have to spend time cooking your own food. But on the other hand, living off-campus allows you to cook delicious foods of your choice. Living in the dorms makes it easier to meet more people but it’s also nice to get to choose your own roommates. The venn diagram below maps out the similarities and differences between each living situation.

Dorms vs. Off-Campus Living

One of the best parts about moving off-campus is being able to choose your living situation. Whether your priority is closer to campus or closer to downtown, there are housing options for Cal Poly students all over San Luis Obispo. Choosing your roommates is a huge factor in the benefits of living off-campus because you can pick friends you know you can get a long with in close confines and minimize conflict. You can choose what you eat, what you buy and even how you decorate. It’s a new level of freedom I think all of us find refreshing.

At the same time the dorms are not a bad idea as a transition. Having that half step between living with your parents and braving the world on your own is helpful for adjusting. It allows freshman time to focus more on their school work and get acclimated to the college lifestyle.


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