The Twitter Machine

I swore it would never happen… but the day hath cometh. I made a twitter account. I post little blurbs about this here blog, retweet appropriate tweets, post information about living on your own, etc. I feel like a celebrity.

As it turns out, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I follow people, read their blurbs, people follow me, read my blurbs, its blurb-tastic! I also have this cool little widget at the bottom of this page that shows my latest tweets. Plus writing clever/informative tid-bits is kind of my forte. Don’t tell but I think its kind of fun. Bring on the hashtags #letsdothis

If you want fun, silly, yet totally helpful tweets passing through your twitter homepage then be sure to follow @SpreadYourWing3. Also, tweet me your thoughts on my blog or any fun stories or tips you have on the topic. I’ll even follow you back. Get on that Twitter hype!


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