A Little Self-Reflection

So I’ve had this blog for several weeks now and its time for a little reflection on how I’ve been doing. So far I’ve gotten 513 views! At first I was impressed that 513 people cared about what I had to say. But then I realized that’s less than half my friends on Facebook… and as far as viral goes, it’s a wildly underwhelming number. Justin Bieber has like 47 million views on his boyfriend music video so I’d say I’m pretty far from trending.

That being said, those who are reading my blog seem to really enjoy it. They say my writing is funny, amusing, and relatable, which is great because thats totally what I’m going for. There are a few AP stylebook errors which can be easily fixed and some advice was given that more tagging would attract more readers. Good to know.

The readers reaction to pictures was surprising. Many people liked them and said they were amusing and appropriate. However my grades on my photos have not been the best. Perhaps there is some technical aspect missing in my pictures that my peers don’t recognize. I’ll have to look into that.

In my opinion this blog called iMusical is really great because she has a lot of credible expert sources with great quotes. Also her links to other websites are so strong and relevant I actually click on them. It’s got a nice set up (quite similar to mine) and a lot of great information for people interested in local music.

This site has a lot of great pictures that are appropriate and candid. They really draw out emotion and relate back to the blog and the stories.

On my next couple of blogs I will be sure to focus on clearing out small errors and keeping my writing relatable and fun to read. I will also focus on better quality and more appropriate candid shots because I think those really build a story.

I’m definitely going to try to get some more followers maybe via Twitter or Facebook.

Also, Stupidest is not a word… oops.


3 thoughts on “A Little Self-Reflection

  1. Hi…love your blog. While you’re making small corrections, if you look at the email below, in the body next to the blue square icon, SPREAD is spelled wrong. It also shows up at the bottom.

    You’re doing a great job!

    Loriann (friend of your mom’s)

    Sent from my iPad…….woo hoo!

  2. Taylor,

    Keep using your confabulations (made up words) that’s what makes it real and fun. I don’t like living in the stuffy words of everything being perfect

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