So Sick of Being Sick

Well, its that time of year again; flu season. Everyone either was sick, is sick, or they probably will be. But being sick at home is more like a stay-cation, complete with On-Demand, chicken soup room service, and the tender-love and care of a sympathetic mother. Being sick away at school is a completely different story.

With no one taking care of this poor college sickling, and no energy to take care of oneself, a bedroom quickly transforms into a death trap of disease, used tissues and weird smells.

Sophomore Jessica Nazzareno says she’s pretty much been sick for the past 7 weeks. She said it started off during WOW week as a sore throat but has now progressed into more serious flu-like symptoms.

“I had a fever of 102 and I couldn’t reall move,” Nazzareno said. “It was really hard for me to take care of myself.”

Nazzareno said her roommates we’re as helpful as they could be but it wasn’t the same as having a mom around.

“All my roommates felt really bad but they had their own stuff to be doing other than making me soup and getting me water,” she said.

Its not just her mom’s TLC Nazzareno finds herself missing, but also the simple comfort of her own home, she said.

“Home is the best place to be when you’re not feeling well,” Nazzareno said.

After a long-awaited trip to the Health Center, Nazzareno finally made it out of the dark, thanks to a heavy reliance on NyQuil and Codine, she said.

“The medicine definitely helped by allowing me to sleep and start to get better,” she said.

Here is a link to a site that will help you find the right medicines to maximize your wellness.

When at the immobile point of sickness, consider calling the After-Hour Nurse-Line offered to all Cal Poly students.

Nazzareno promises she’s finally getting better but not before getting the rest of her roommates sick.

Roommate Michelle Woyshner is now struggling with the flu as well.

“We don’t blame her for getting us all sick,” she said. “It’s impossible not to when we are all living so close together.”

Woyshner said she has comfort foods such as the obvious chicken noodle soup, but also Mac n’ Cheese or a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich.

“Having a comfort food is a good way to feel connected to home and make you feel better,” she said.

Epidemiologist Ann McDowell with the Public Health Services said things get a lot more hectic during flu season.

“We get a lot more flu vaccine and we have public vaccination sites,” she said.

Public health services offers birth control, family planning, tuberculosis screening, help with quitting smoking, and yes, immunization, McDowell said.

Being sick at school for the first time is a difficult process everyone must go through eventually. Thankfully McDowell leaves us with some first-timers advice.

“Stay home, drink plenty of fluids, don’t go to class, and don’t spread your sickness to other kids at school,” she said. “Make sure you take care of yourself this season.”



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