5 Free and Useful Apps for College Students!

Living on your own is quite an adjustment. Here are 5 useful apps to help you make that transition:

  1. Evernote – Stay organized and keep all your ideas, thoughts, notes, reminders, and everything across all your devices complied into one useful app. Create to-do lists, set voice reminders, and you can even connect to other peoples’ Evernote accounts to share information! So useful to a college student juggling multiple classes, jobs, new apartments, bills, etc.
  2. Skype – Get the Skype app to stay connected to your friends and family back home. You can message, video call, send photos, call mobiles and landlines, and chat with anyone anywhere. Also, enjoy unlimited data size!
  3. Foresquare – Make the most of where ever you go! When in an area, find fun things to do and places to go based on personal recommendations from people with your taste. Also, record where you go and what you thought of the places so other people can get the inside scoop as well. It’s useful when you move to a new town.
  4. Friends Around Me – Experience the ultimate mobile social network. Synced with Twitter, Facebook, and Foresquare, interact with people all over the world via chat, pictures, and create profiles for your friends to see. It’s convenient to know what your friends far and close to you are doing.
  5. Cheap Gas – Find cheapest gas near you or in your city and earn points that lead to rewards to help you save money! Super useful for college students traveling to and from home or anyone just in their city or going on long drives.

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