The End of the Road

As the quarter winds down, I begin to reflect on my classes and projects I’ve been working on. I asked my peers what they thought about my blog and the response was overall pretty positive. A lot of people said it was relatable and they said I did a good job playing of the humor of the situation. Others said it was unique from other social blogs in the class and enjoyed the different perspectives I gathered and topics I covered.

It seems the favorite post was my audio piece on living in a sorority house. I think people enjoyed getting an inside look into that lifestyle because it is so different then anything a lot of people have experienced, and maybe it’s something they think they may want to experience.

If I were to make this blog into a career I think I would have to expand a lot. I would probably have to reach out to different schools and get other perspectives but also I think it would be interesting if I were to touch on all different kinds of living situations. I could talk about living in dorms, apartments, houses, with the opposite sex, on the road, in another country and so on. I could get advertisements for living appliances or form college campuses.

I don’t think this will be a career for the rest of my life but it is interesting to play with that idea and see where my life could end up if I were to be a blogger. Blogging is definitely a rising phenomena and it’s super useful to know how to do it and how I could make it work for a living. Now I always have that in my back pocket.


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