“I’m Sorry”

I work at a factory of sandwiches. And yes, the life of a campus dining employee is as glamorous as it seems. On friday mornings I work as a cashier so I basically just sit there and swipe people’s poly cards the whole time. Not that that’s necessarily all I should be doing but it’s about all I accomplish in my 4 hour shift. I’m not sure how I’m still employed there. I think they like my spunk. Anyways, it can be a little tedious having the same conversation of pleasantries over and over again. 

Freshman customer: “Hi, how’s you’re day going?”

me: “It’s going. And yours?”

customer: “Good. Can I use a meal credit?”

me: “Absolutely not…”

customer: “…………..”

me: “Just kidding.” *swipe card*

customer: *walks away frowning*

So repetitive. One day I was swiping cards and making money when a customer came up and set her stuff down.

“Sorry..” she said. “You’re fine.” I responded. I swiped her card and she walked away. I thought back and wondered what she apologized for. She had done nothing wrong or out of the ordinary. She just set her stuff down and apologized. For my existence? Perhaps? The next customer came up and when she handed me her card she touched my hand. “Oh sorry!” she apologized. “It’s ok…” I responded, wondering again, why she was sorry. People apologize so much as if it’s expected. As if it is as commonplace as saying please or thank you. Now I started experimenting with it. A customer would come up and hand me their sandwich slip and I would purposefully reach around and grab a different item and they would apologize. Or I would set their card down instead of hand it back to them and they would apologize. Even if the mistake was entirely my fault, like a blatantly drop their polycard after they hand it to me, they would still apologize! It was so weird! I told Barrett, my co-worker, about it and he nodded in agreement but was wildly less enthused about it than I. “Whatever Barrett, you know it’s true,” I argue. “Yeah, sorry.” he said. I rolled my eyes. 

Finally I asked a customer. He walked up and handed me his sandwich slip and set his stuff down and apologized. “For what?” I asked. he couldn’t answer. He just looked around at the situation, got uncomfortable, and said I don’t know… 

Once again, I derive a moral from this random account of my day; when you accidentally brush my hand while handing me something, you better apologize. Seriously. That is just unacceptable. Also, I’m bored at work. 



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