Home for the Holidays

The holidays have always been a special time of year. But now with the added treat of coming home from the holidays and spending a month with home cooked food, a comfy king size bed, surrounded by family and cats, special takes on a whole new meaning. It’s such a drastic change from college life; I’ll never be so relaxed and full of good food as when I return from winter break. 

Every family has their holiday traditions, including my own! Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving as we all rise and shine at the crack of dawn to go tree hunting. This just means we go to a tree farm and cut one down ourselves. It’s not really much a hunt but finding the perfect tree is harder than you’d think. Then we spend the whole decorating our conquest with lights and ornaments while Mom drapes the rest of the house in festive paraphernalia. I’m always the one who has to crawl into the attic because, even though at age 20 standing 5’5″ tall, I’m still the youngest and therefore perceived as the smallest. My mom is only 5’2″ but who’s counting? Then my sister Katie and I take to the roof to hang lights. This year was so warm I was wearing a tank top up there and had the pleasure of discovering what it feels like to have a million tiny splinters of fiber glass in your arm. 

Christmas brings another slew of family traditions. On christmas eve we make home made pizzas in the shape of christmas things. This gets difficult after you’ve already done an ornament, a tree, and a candy cane. We’ve made Santa Claus faces, snowmen, a skier, a reindeer, etc. Then we open a few presents usually including christmas pajamas. Clad in our festive jammies, we go to Eucalyptus street. It’s one of the “Santa Claus Lane” streets where every house puts an absurd amount of lights on their house and people walk up and down it all night for the month of december. I recently learned almost every town has a street like this, which was disappointing – I thought we were special. But sometimes Eucalyptus street brings snow in… Does your town do that? Does it?! Then we come home and watch White Christmas because it’s Mom’s favorite christmas movie and after watching every year, by default it is mine as well. 

On Christmas morning we wake up and look through our stockings from “Santa.” Yes, with children of ages 20 and 22 we still play along. Why not? Then we usually go see a movie or something in the day and gather with the rest of the family at night. 

Home is only 3 days away and I can’t wait to get the holiday started! Image


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