KSBY Internship – Week 1

June 17 – Today I arrived for my first day as an intern at 9am. Caroline Lowe, KSBY News Manager, met me and gave a brief overview of what she expects of me during my internship. It all seemed pretty straightforward. The main message I received was that I would get out of it whatever I was willing to put in to it.

At 9:30am the staff meeting began. All the reporters meet in the meeting room and discuss story ideas for the day. News Director Doug Barden and Assignment Editor Kathrene Herndon decide which stories each reporter should focus on. Then the meeting is adjourned and reporters scamper off to start unfolding their stories.

On this day, I was invited to tag along with MMJ Connie Tran. She was doing a story on Whooping Cough and how it is being called an epidemic in California. After making some calls, we headed out to a children’s gym in SLO to interview the Gym Owner about precautions she takes to prevent the spread of whooping cough. It turned out she had a bit of a personal story about a few years ago when she had the sickness herself.

When we first got their, Connie immediately started gathering B-Roll of the kids playing in the gym. I noticed she set up a ton of great sequences and got a bunch of wide-medium-close shots and I could see how she was planning on editing all these sequences together. She ended up talking to a mom of three for a little and did an interview of her and her fears for her kids, as whooping cough can be deadly to young children. Then we interviewed the gym owner about her precautions. All the kids were very excited about the camera and we ended up getting a lot of good B-roll footage.

After that we headed back to the station and I logged all the interviews so she could later pull quotes for SOTs during editing. Connie went out again to interview a doctor as an expert source while I did that.

Here is a link to the final package: Whooping cough cases on the rise in California, handful of cases on Central Coast

After I finished logging I hung out in the studio and wrote a VOSOT about Retro Bill and the new summer camp coming to SLO County. Here is a link to the video aired that night on the 5 o’clock news show and the script I wrote: Enrollment open for Sheriff’s Youth Camp

Enrollment open for Sheriff’s Youth Camp

Kids this summer have an opportunity to meet motivational speaker, or “edutainer” as he calls himself, Retro Bill.

This week kicks off the Sheriff’s Youth Camp, which the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office puts on every summer.

This week-long camp features children’s advocate Retro Bill, who speaks at schools all over the country teaching kids about bullying, safety, and leadership.

“Law enforcement, I believe in my heart, has a prevention capacity and as anybody watches the news and we see things that are going on in our country with bullying and, oh, and violence, even in schools, I think the more we can get into the hearts and minds of our young people and inspire them to be a good citizen, to be kind, work out your differences in a healthy way,” says Retro Bill.

The camp is free for all kids in the area thanks to local sponsorships from the community.

Later this summer, the camp will be in Cayucos and Templeton.

For details on how to sign your kids up, click here.

I finished my day around 4pm.

June 19 – I arrived at KSBY at 8 this morning because I wanted to spend a good chunk of time there but had work later that day. When I arrived it was basically only Kathrene there so i asked if there was anything I could do to help. She had my write a VO about the Pismo Preserve and how the new owners of Harry’s Beach Bar made a huge donation to the San Luis Obispo Land Conservancy. Here is a link to the story I wrote: Harry’s Beach Bar makes donation for Pismo Preserve

Once all the reporters got there we headed off to the morning meeting at 9:30am. I got to go with MMJ Lili Tan on her story about Hydraulic Fracking. Due to a recent spike in earthquake activity in Oklahoma, California residents are nervous about our sensitive fault lines and the common oil drilling practice of hydraulic fracturing. Lili already had a long interview from workers at the oil plant on Orcutt Hill that reassured us there was no hydraulic fracking taking place in Santa Barbara County, but that the bill also criminalizes common practices such as cyclic steaming that oil companies have been using for over 50 years. Illegalizing these practices would put hundreds of people out of jobs. Lili and I went to the Sherrif’s Office to talk to a seismology expert about the likeliness of an earthquake as a result of hydraulic fracking. He basically said that we shouldn’t be jumping to any conclusions about it. Then we went to the Sierra Club and talked to a member who was a strong advocate toward the bill being passed. It was cool having so many different sources with so many different opinions about the matter and I could see how this was going to turn in to a very propelling story.

When we got back to the station, I logged all of these interviews and by then it was about 2pm and I had to go to work. But here is a link to the final package: OK earthquakes fuel anti-fracking movement on Central Coast

And that was the end of my first week. I look forward to learning more about the production side of putting on a news show and maybe seeing some of the video editing if I get a chance.









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