Week 4

July 8 – Today I started off the day around 9am with the intention of staying in the studio and helping Katie produce the 6 o’clock show so I started out writing VOs and VOSOTs. I wrote a script for a beach clean-up event. Here is the link to the online finished product: http://www.ksby.com/news/volunteers-to-clean-up-pismo-beach-after-celebrations/

I also wrote a script for a new website called CHEATERS which allows citizens to turn in out-of-state license plates straight to CHP so they can be fined for being improperly registered drivers. I don’t know if the story was every put online because I couldn’t find it on the website but here is the final script that I just copied and pasted from the Rundown:

California Highway Patrol is cracking down on out-of-state license plates with a new website called *cheaters*

It stands for *Californians Help Eliminate All The Evasive Registration Scofflaws*

You can report out-of-state license plates directly to CHP.

Officers estimate the state loses $10 Million a year because of improperly registered drivers.

You must exchange your plate within 20 days of moving here, or face hundreds of dollars in fines.

After I wrote these, I heard Connie talking about how she was headed up to a winery to do a story on a local vineyard and how they are coping with the drought. I thought it sounded interesting so I asked if I could come along. We headed up to Arroyo Grande and talked to a husband, wife, and two kids about how they are getting along with business in the drought. It turns out they are getting by due to their smaller market and local customer base, allowing them to require less water and less dependency on their wells. We got a lot of good B-roll of the vineyard and the adorable little house they live on. It was difficult to get good footage of the family interacting because their daughter was very camera shy and they all felt a little awkward trying to act natural while being filmed. It was understandable but I thought Connie did a great job dealing with the situation and still managed to get a couple good shots of them looking natural. Here is the link to the final video package: http://www.ksby.com/news/arroyo-grande-winery-utilizes-low-amounts-of-water-for-irrigation/

After that I helped her transcribe the package and we discussed different shots we could use and different ways to put the package together. Then I headed home for the day at around 3.

July 10 – Today I came in to the studio a bit later because I wanted to be here and watch a show being produces. I showed up around 2pm and immediately started helping the producers. I wrote bumps for both Mike and Katie, the 5 o’clock and 6 o’clock news producers, respectively. Then Mike had me help him time out the show and do a read through, write some readers or VOs, etc. He also let me pick the stories I was bumping so I had a lot of fun with that.

Before I knew it it was 5 o’clock and we were in the studio getting ready to produce the show. It was a lot of fun seeing how all the behind-the-scene stuff works and I watched him make sure the show is on track. He let me wear the headset and I was able to give the anchors the ques they needed to hear to keep the show running smoothly. It was a really cool experience and I think I will spend more time now learning about the producing side of a newsroom.

Over all the show went great and I left around 6pm.


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