Week 5

This week I was only able to intern one day because of work so I spent the entire day there. I came in at 9am, went to the morning meeting at 9:30am, and then went out on a story with Connie. We went out to Pismo because the daybreak anchor saw a sprinkler on the way to work (at around 3am) with a bunch of water runoff into the street. In the midst of this painstaking drought, where the city is ordering us to be more conservative with all our water use, shouldn’t they be doing the same? When we went out to the site we found that it was a small center divide plant under a stop sign with 4 sprinkler heads for the one area. We basically stood in the middle of the street getting shots of the area.

For our human element we started stopping people on the street and asking how they felt about the situation. A lot of people weren’t very willing to talk but we eventually ended up miking up a nearby cafe owner. He was very helpful and gave a great interview. Then we headed back to KSBY and logged the interview.

After lunch Connie had a meeting with some city manager official so she could confront them about the problem. The interview was awkward and their answer was kind of political but the whole process of covering a story like this was very interesting.

I really liked the way Connie ended up putting the package together. The story didn’t have a lot of B-roll opportunities so I was impressed with the visualization she was able to create in the story.

Here is the final package: http://www.ksby.com/news/video-of-leaky-spinklers-gets-leaked-city-of-pismo-beach-explains/

Then I stuck around and helped the producers some more before heading home around 6pm. It felt like a full work day.


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