Week 7

July 28 – Today I arrived at the news station around 2pm with plans to help Mike produce the 5pm news show. I helped write bumps and a couple VOs and VOSOTs, a couple headlines, and before I knew it it was time for the show. Mike let me wear the headset and time the show again but 5 minutes before the top of the show, all the live shots started cutting out. Lili was live in a dried up lake bed and the bottom part of her shot was lagging. We fixed this by throwing the camera on a tripod and having Lili stay completely still so you couldn’t see the shot glitching. Jason’s live shot kept going black. We tried resetting it several times but it kept going in and out. As the show was starting we were playing it by ear and just waiting to see if we could fix it by the time his live shot came up. In case it didn’t, Mike had written a toss and tag he could throw in the rundown that would cut Jason’s live shot out last minute. 30 seconds before his live shot, the video cut out again. Mike pulled his live and threw in the new script. It ended up going pretty smoothly and it was really impressive how he pulled it all together so last minute. I had the head set on so I just tried to keep everyone updated on our last minute decisions. The rest of the show went smoothly and they managed to fix all the live shots in time for the 6 o’clock show.

July 31 – Today I went and shot a story with Connie in Atascadero. A group called Friends of Atascadero Lake are finalizing plans to fill the lake with well water from a private resident and pipe it 11 miles to the lake. Obviously a lot of people had a problem with this seeing as we are in the midst of a terrible drought. We first went to the Atascadero Mutual Water Co. to talk about the issue. Apparently the group came to them asking for permission to do this water transfer. It is actually illegal to transfer water from private property to other private properties. But the Water company made an exception for the group since they were transferring the water to a public lake to benefit the community. The company said while they did make this exception, it has nothing to do with their feelings about the groups plan. With the rate at which well water can be transferred and the rate at which the lake water is evaporating, they said they think the plan is unfeasible. But the company plans to move forward anyway, Next we went to the property where the well was being built and spoke with a member of the group on the property. He basically said they weren’t planning on wasting water filling the entire like, but merely adding bits of water throughout the year so it would be sustained at an appealing level. It ended up being a bit of a controversial story with many different sides and we did our best to report on it unbiasedly. Here is how the story came out:

We also ran into a bit of trouble on the man’s property because as we were trying to find the house we ended up driving in circles and freaking out the owner. He came out telling us to get off his property. We nicely explained what we were doing there and he calmed down. Oops!

I transcribed all the interviews and left the newsroom around 4pm that day.



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