A diabetic and her love for leggings

So I am diabetic and I just recently acquired an insulin pump. I’ve avoided them for years because I wasn’t a fan of being attached to a  monitor I would have to find a way to carry around 24/7. I thought about the clothes I wore on a daily basis and realized 95% of the time they didn’t have pockets. Probably because 95% of the time I’m wearing leggings. I mean I practically live in them. Jeans are just so stiff and constricting. Leggings are like an acceptable form of pajamas you can wear in public. But where would I put this thing?  I can’t just tuck it in my waistline, it will probably fall out and/or just look really weird… But the truth is it the pump is an incredibly useful, helpful, simple, and innovative way to manage my diabetes and I had reached a point where it was either give up leggings or cut of my feet… (or something a little less dramatic). The point is, it was high time I make the switch. I ultimately realized that in my 8 years as a diabetic I had hardly had to give up anything for this life-threatening disease. I could still go to school, dance, swim, sleep, even eat almost whatever I wanted. Perhaps I could stand to make just one small sacrifice. You know, for the sake of my wellbeing and all.

About a week before I get the pump I realize something…. THEY MAKE LEGGINGS WITH POCKETS! They’re supposed to be for like athletes or runners or weird people who carry things while they exercise but either way this was the best news yet. The pocket is discretely located in the waistline and is literally the perfect size for my pump. I found a loophole and my leggings and I have been happily ever after ever since.

Come to think of it, every obstacle I’ve run into with this thing I somehow find a way around. A lot of the times I can put the pump into my bra or bandeaux. At night I tuck it into my unicorn pillow pet and spoon that thing all night long so I never get tangled. (Seriously, no matter how much I toss and turn I wake up with him wrapped in my arms.) One of my favorite rompers I just bought has no pockets or hiding places so I bought a roll of gauze and literally strapped it to my waist. Innovation at it’s finest… College man, it must be teaching me something.

This may seem dumb or silly or over-the-top to you… after all they are only stretchy pants. My values should probably go beyond the clothes I can and can’t wear. And they do, I promise. But its the little victories, you know. It’s discovering a juice I love has a sugar-free version, or having low blood sugar in the middle of a candy store, or even finding a way to wear leggings when I thought I never would again. These little wins are my way of sticking it to the Man.

“The Man” being diabetes, of course.


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